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General Info

Study the venue floor plan in advance so that you can arrive at your lecture room / poster stand in time.

Lecture Presentations

The duration of each presentation slot is 25 minutes. This includes the time for the actual presentation (ca. 20 minutes), and five minutes for questions from the audience. It is highly recommended that the presentation is practiced in advance, and the speech duration is scaled to be 20 minutes. Exceeding the allocated presentation time is not allowed, the session chair will cut the presentation short whenever necessary.

The presenters should arrive in their lecture room at least ten minutes before the start of their presentation.

Lecture Room Equipment

Using the computer provided by the conference organizers is highly recommended, but a personal laptop computer (and other personal equipment) may also be used, if necessary. Note that the AC voltage in Finland is 240V, and the plug is the European type (CEE 7/7).

Questions about the lecture room equipment can be emailed to the conference Equipment Chair. There will also be a support person in each lecture room during the conference.

If you require additional A/V equipment or material, you must contact the conference organizers in advance.

Presentation Files

The name of your presentation file(s) MUST start with the session number, followed the track letter, followed by the presentation number, followed by an underscore and the first author surname.

Example: Session 1, Track A, first paper -> 1A1_Dimond.ppt

This naming convention will greatly simplify the distribution of the presentations to the appropriate computers, and avoid multiple files named 'FPL05.ppt'. The session numbers, track letters, and presentation numbers can be found in the conference programme.

It is highly recommended that the presentation is submitted before the conference by emailing all relevant files (preferably as a ZIP-compressed packet) to You should use the Pack & Go Wizard in PowerPoint to maximize the compatibility of the presentation. NOTE: You MUST include the word 'powerpoint' in the mail subject when emailing a presentation.

The presentation can also be delivered to the Presentation Editing Room (see the venue floor plan) during the conference. The Presentation Editing Room has two PCs for making final corrections/modifications to the presentations.

Do not put an excessive amount of text on your slides. Generally, all text should be 18 points or larger.

Use clearly contrasting colors. Usually, a dark background yields poor readability.

Use graphics and colors to illustrate your presentation. Using animations and sound is also encouraged.

Poster and PhD-Forum Presentations

All posters must be printed in advance. The conference organizers can only provide A4-sized black-and-white printing capabilities at the conference venue.

The poster stands are sized 100cm x 140cm (width x height). Tacks for attaching the posters to the stands are provided by the conference organizers. In addition, each poster stand contains an A4-sized folder for distributing the paper/extra material.

The poster stands are numbered from 1 to 17. The the stand number allocated to your presentation is shown in the conference programme.

If your poster is in Poster Session 1, please put up your poster before 10:00 and remove it around 14:00. For Poster Session 2, you should put up your poster before 14:25 and remove it after the last Oral Session. For PhD Forum and Poster Session 3, please put up your poster before the first Oral Session and remove the poster after the last Oral Session. The presenting author must be at the poster only during the session. All posters that are left behind will be discarded by the organizing staff.

Include the title of the paper on the top of the poster, in capital letters. Insert author names and affiliations below the title. The flow of the poster should be from the top left to the bottom right. Multiple columns can also be used. Using graphics and colors to illustrate your presentation is highly recommended. A printed version of the paper is not considered to be a poster!

If you require any extra furniture, A/V equipment or material, you must contact the conference organizers in advance.


Equipment Chair
Tero Sihvo
Tampere University of Technology, Finland