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PhD Forum Programme

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Thursday 25th
PhD Forum
11:00 PhD.1 ''A Low-Energy FPGA: Architecture Design and Software-Supported Design Flow''
- Konstantinos Siozios, D. Soudris, and A. Thanailakis
11:50 Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
PhD.2 ''A Power-Performance Scalable FPGA using Configurable Voltage Domains and Design Mapping Tool''
and Frank Honoré and A. Chandrakasan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
15:25 PhD.3 ''An Approach to Scalable Molecular Dynamics Simulation using Supercomputing Adaptive Processing Elements''
- Luis E. Cordova and D.A Buell
16:05 University of South Carolina
PhD.4 ''Computer Arithmetic Synthesis Technologies on Reconfigurable Platforms''
Kuen Hung Tsoi
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
PhD.5 ''Dual FiXed-point : An Efficient Alternative to Floating-point Computation for DSP applications''
Chun Te Ewe
Imperial College London, UK
PhD.6 ''Efficient Execution on Reconfigurable Devices using Concepts of Pipelining''
Florian Dittmann
University Paderborn, Germany
PhD.7 ''Exploration of Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Architectures''
Alastair M. Smith
Imperial College London, UK
PhD.8 ''FPGA Finite Difference Time Domain Solver for Thermal Simulation''
Fernando Pardo¹, P. López¹, D. Cabello¹, and M. Balsi²
¹Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain, ²University of La Sapienza, Italy
PhD.9 ''FPGA Implementation of an Augmented Reality Application for Visually Impaired People''
F. Javier Toledo, J.J. Martínez, F.J. Garrigós, and J.M. Ferrández
Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena, Spain
PhD.10 ''FPGA Interconnect Fault Tolerance''
Nicola Campregher
Imperial College London, UK
PhD.11 ''Hardware Emulation of a Network on Chip Architecture based on a Clockwork Routed Manhattan Street Network''
Kurian Oommen and D. Harle
Institute for System Level Integration, Scotland
PhD.12 ''Instruction Set Extension using Microblaze Processor''
János Lazányi
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
PhD.13 ''Leveraging Reconfigurability in the Design Process''
Lesley Shannon
University of Toronto, Canada
PhD.14 ''MechanoProcessor: Modelling the Rodent Whisker Sensory System using FPGA''
Martin J. Pearson
University of the West of England, UK
PhD.15 ''Next Generation Architectures and CAD for Power Aware Programmable Fabrics''
Rajarshee P. Bharadwaj
University of Texas at Dallas, USA
PhD.16 ''PAHLS: Towards Run-Time Synthesis for FPGAs''
Renqiu Huang and R. Vemuri
University of Cincinnati, USA
PhD.17 ''Reconfigurable Architectures for Real-Time Network Anomaly Detection''
David Nguyen
Northwestern University, USA
PhD.18 ''Requested-QoS Driven Runtime Reconfiguration Of Mobile Devices''
Hiren Joshi¹, S.S. Verma¹, and G.K. Sharma²
¹M.L.V.T. Institute Bhilwara, India, ²ABV-Indian Institute of IT and Management, India
PhD.19 ''Design of a Dynamic Reconfigurable Multi-Grained Hardware Architecture with Adaptive Runtime Routing''
Alexander Thomas
University of Karlsrhuhe, Germany
PhD.20 ''Testing Superscalar Processors in Functional Mode''
Virendra Singh¹, M. Inoue¹, K.K. Saluja², and H. Fujiwara¹
¹Nara Institute of Science & Technology, Japan, ²University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA